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“Being an online student has been beneficial in applying Biblical principles and learning time management. As an online student you must budget your time to watch modules, complete homework, and study. Being a mother of 4, a small group leader, working, and running a household, I had to manage my time. And therefore, it taught me time is valuable. It is possible to obtain a vision of yours if you submit yourself in the right position to achieve it.”

Jenn Larsen

“If you feel a call to Bible college Remnant is the school!! Joining Bible college has been the best decision I’ve ever made. My life’s done a total 180 and it’s all because of Jesus. My head is on straight and I’m chasing after the heart of God. He’s healed my brokenness and filled me with His love and is making this thing called life more beautiful then I could ever deserve. I’m so in love with Jesus and what he’s doing in my life and even more excited that he wants to do it in yours. You’re never too far gone and it’s never too late to have a relationship with him.”

Diadra Brooks

“Remnant has changed and impacted my life in so many ways and all it for the better. In my first year I was taught practical and important biblical doctrine, theology, ministry character and spiritual authority. I was able to have hands-on ministry experience and learn the necessary things to take the next steps in the calling God has on my life. Deciding to go to Remnant has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!”

Buddy Jenkins

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Remnant Bible College is a Spirit-filled, ministry training school that is raising up the next generation of pastors, ministers, and leaders in the Kingdom of God…

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