Gap Year Program

Uproar x RBC Gap year: A 7 Month Intensive training program.

The purpose of this Gap Year program is to equip and develop youth and young adults to become a missionary to their generation no matter their vocational call.

There is a need to take time out of your life and commit it to God. To find your call and pursue it with everything in you. If you feel called to reach this generation of souls, we challenge you to dedicate 7 months of your life to pursue this calling.

You will leave this program equipped with supernatural and practical skills that will position you to flourish in whatever capacity the Lord has called you to. This will happen through:

  • Weekly classes and leadership training
  • Weekly hands-on development in your specified area of ministry through Tracks and Movements
  • Learning in depth how to create a vision for your life and ministry
  • Impartation from leaders and pastors who are currently living in their call

It will begin Monday January 9th, 2022 and conclude Monday July 31st, 2022.


Tracks must be a focus of the Gap Year student’s that is specific to where they feel called to after the Gap Year program. Every day during the “Tracks and Movement Prep” Students will have a separate class with a specific focus on skills that will help that ministry focus. IE, Creative will have a video class, audio class, story boarding, lighting, photography class, as well as an editing class. These classes can be however long or short depending on the need and understanding of the students. Gap Year student’s can not fail the classes, but their participation will be vital to their success. Any additional book needed for classes will be purchases by Uproar x RBC and lended out to the students.


Movements are the specific events where students will be able to operate in what they have learned in their tracks. Each of these movements are ministries and events which have been going on for a number of years. Once the students get invloved with a movement they will move out of the theory and into the practical. Movements are a huge part of this Gap Year Program and will take up a mojority of the students weekly schedule. Look below for a full list of movements.





Uproar Conference
Girls Encounter
Freedom Nights
Young Adults

One Night Tour